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Challenges and Solutions for Ensuring Quality Education in Government and Private Schools

Niti Aayog's report reveals that over 50% of primary schools in several states have less than 60Astudents, and India faces a shortage of over a million teachers, with 30-50% teaching job vacancies in many states. The Adani Foundation's education initiatives, including Utthan, Adani Evening Education Centre, and Adani Competitive Coaching Centre, have positively impacted 50,000+ students across 254 government primary schools. Utthan, the flagship program, transforms schools into model institutions, addressing literacy and math skills. The foundation's CSR philosophy focuses on adopting schools, supporting learners, and collaborating with teachers and parents to elevate foundational skills, ensuring quality education in rural areas. Adani's Evening Education Center and Competitive Coaching Center aim to improve board results and empower students for competitive exams.

Project Utthan

Challenge 1: Mainstreaming Progressive Learners

Addressing the nationwide challenge of students falling behind in age-appropriate learning due to a shortage of teachers, Project Utthan strives to mainstream progressive learners through a structured approach. Deploying Utthan Sahayaks, conducting baseline assessments, implementing tailor-made curricula, and organizing remedial classes ensure personalized assistance for struggling students.

Mainstreaming Progressive Learners

Regular assessments, continuous handholding, and participation in competitions demonstrate significant progress. To sustain these achievements, a dedicated school teacher, increased parental involvement, alumni engagement, community participation, and regular teacher training sessions are essential components, creating a supportive ecosystem for the ongoing progress of progressive learners.

Gunotsav 2021-22 vs 2022-23
Gunotsav is an annual grading process wherein the state's government primary schools undergo evaluation based on 10 parameters, including academic results.

Challenge 2 - Inadequate Focus on Cultivating a Reading Culture

In many government schools, the promotion of an active reading culture among students is often overlooked, leading to a limited focus on reading. Project Utthan has implemented several solutions to address this issue, including the creation of 'Reading Corners' in each school to establish a reading-friendly environment. Regular book issuance, library activities, and the involvement of mothers in book distribution during meetings encourage consistent reading habits. Three international projects during 'International School Library Month' broaden students' exposure to diverse literary experiences. To ensure sustainability, the school principal advocates for a reading culture, School Management Committee (SMC) members contribute to updating reading corners, and alumni actively engage in conducting library activities, fostering community involvement and continuity.

Inadequate Focus on Cultivating a Reading Culture

Challenge 3: Inadequate Computer Labs in Government Primary Schools

The absence of computer labs in government elementary schools in Gujarat is a significant challenge, but Project Utthan's 'IT on Wheels' initiative is making positive strides. Two vans, each equipped with 50 laptops and guided by IT instructors, address the digital knowledge needs of first-generation learners in classes 6-8. The initiative has increased classroom attendance, raised awareness among villagers, involved School Management Committee (SMC) members, gained parental support, and enhanced learning outcomes. To ensure sustainability, the project encourages schools to leverage government initiatives, empowers youth for voluntary service, engages the community in contributing to monthly expenses, assists in fundraising for laptops and computers, and establishes connections for ongoing computer studies after school.

Inadequate Computer Labs in Government Primary Schools
Inadequate Computer Labs in Government Primary Schools

Challenge 4: Challenges with Low Attendance in Parent-Teacher Meetings

Addressing the challenge of low enthusiasm among parents in attending Parent-Teacher Meetings, our innovative solutions include the introduction of Mothers Meet by Utthan Sahayaks, held every fourth Saturday. This approach involves pre-meeting agenda discussions, meeting documentation, recreational activities, Women's Day celebrations, and educational workshops for mothers. Appreciation certificates are presented, and mothers are encouraged to participate as judges in school competitions, fostering a sense of involvement. This initiative has significantly increased maternal engagement and dedicated time for education at home. To ensure sustainability, a 'Master Mother' is identified in each school, and mothers are included in the School Management Committee (SMC) for ongoing parental involvement in school governance.

Adani Evening Education Center (AEEC)

The Adani Evening Education Center (AEEC) tackles challenges arising from the lack of subject-specific teachers in rural high schools, motivating less engaged teachers, financial constraints, and safety concerns for girls attending tuition classes. AEEC operates on school premises, offering academic support in Math, Science, and English for classes 9-12. To ensure sustainability, the Adani Foundation engages the local community, collaborates with parents and organizations, provides teacher training, explores technology for remote learning, seeks partnerships for financial support, raises awareness on girls' education, conducts regular meetings, and offers workshops for parents to actively support their children's education at home.

Sr. No

Name of the Utthan Schools






Dhrab High School




Bhujpur High School




Navinal High School




Mota Kandaghra High School




Deshalpar High School




Nani Khakhr High School




Moti Khakhar High School



Adani Competitive Coaching Center (ACCC)

The Adani Competitive Coaching Center (ACCC) addresses the challenge of socio-economic constraints hindering deserving students' pursuit of knowledge. Recognizing untapped talent due to financial barriers, the Adani Foundation introduced ACCC to provide economically disadvantaged rural students with quality education and holistic development. This pioneering initiative aims to recognize and nurture exceptionally talented students, establishing a strong foundation and guiding them through various competitive exams. The program includes comprehensive assessments, prioritizing fundamental knowledge, and offering detailed guidance through dedicated Sahayaks. Successful government exam candidates receive free quality education supported by government facilities, ensuring a promising future.

To ensure sustainability, the coaching center explores various strategies. Involving alumni in sessions fosters a sense of community and loyalty, potentially securing long-term support. However, sustainability hinges on alumni's ongoing availability. Engaging government teachers, specifically Block Resource Coordinators (BRC), taps into existing educational resources but relies on factors like workload and incentives for continued involvement. Strengthening the School Management Committee (SMC) for funding provides a stable source, yet sustainability may be influenced by the SMC's financial capacity and commitment, subject to budget constraints or shifts in leadership and priorities.

In summary, these strategies align with a community-based and collaborative approach to sustainability. The long-term success will depend on the continued engagement of alumni, the enthusiasm and availability of government teachers, and the commitment and financial capacity of the School Management Committee. Regular monitoring and feedback mechanisms can help assess the effectiveness of these strategies and adjust as needed to ensure sustained success.

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