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My Experiments With Science: What I have learned

I grew up in Bangalore, Karnataka with an unparalleled love for the sciences. I owe this passion, in the initial stages of my journey, to my grandfather. We owned a hospital that he allowed me to waltz into, chat with the nurses and doctors, and even explained complicated surgeries to me on sheets of paper that he found lying around. How I wish I could be exactly like him when I grew up?! I nursed my passion for the sciences during adulthood by selecting specific courses that would eventually help set me up for my dream goal- being a scientist. I chose the sciences stream during my Pre-University days, including Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. This was considered one of the hardest streams but there were several like-minded individuals that joined in on the journey. I believe that a solid education comes from building a solid foundation- and this is exactly what I received at Mount Carmel College, as we had some of the best professors and mentors. This is also where I was disillusioned into thinking that there were many women in the sciences as we were a girls-only University.

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