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Fostering an Eco-friendly Generation

Are there ways that equip us to change the past? Impossible. The only aspect that can be controlled, is to foster a brighter and better future. In today’s world, environmental concerns are becoming increasingly urgent. It is crucial that we use every tool at our disposal to educate the next generation of environmental leaders. The need of the hour is a shift in perspective. This shift is possible, when teachers encourage students who show a sense of awareness and action that are eco-friendly. For example, any action of the student has to be addressed by showing certain gestures, which resonate forms of delight like gift culture, public ovation etc. This positive responsiveness would cultivate in them a positive outlook towards nature. They will be natural in observing, exploring, and working with nature, developing a sense of ownership. Awareness of ecological resilience is important to be nurtured in children. Like any other form of education, environmental education is vital for our future.

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