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Happy New Year

It’s the dawn of another year and time to reflect on the wonderful things that have happened in the year gone by, it is also time to look forward to the opportunity ahead. The past 3 years have been quite grey in the otherwise bright education sky; the pandemic and the years that followed could be described as uncertain at best. What’s commendable is that schools and school leaders have successfully navigated probably the biggest hurdle they have faced in their professional career. In addition to this, the gloom brought about by the media and the start-up ecosystem that promoted ed-tech as the way forward for education and some even spelt doom for formal school-based education. The ed-tech bubble burst and the failure of online learning to comprehensively impact education means that the onus is back on schools to deliver a brighter future for all of us. The pandemic is now in the past and the renewed interest in physical schools promises to bring in much more stability in our thought and action that was missing in the past few years. Exciting times lie ahead of us. Schools and educators are poised to make a strong comeback to impact our society.

This new year don’t forget to take time to reflect on all the wonderful things you have managed to achieve over the past years. In our effort to move ahead, let us not fail to acknowledge our past achievements. More than ever, educators and schools have shown that they can adapt to the needs of the changing world; this is one quality that gives me hope that the future of learning is in safe hands.

As you navigate the year ahead, the key to making things happen would be to Embrace Innovation and inculcate a strong habit of Professional Development for yourself and your team. It is a fact that the changes that have taken place in the world have improved the quality of our lives tremendously, education is yet to evolve and imbibe the changes that technology and innovation promise. The years ahead would be critical for educators to adapt to the possibilities that the new age technologies and innovations bring to the fore. Successfully adapting to these changes calls for upskilling of the educators and, more importantly, for them to open up their minds to newer possibilities. The more educators learn, the better learning environments they can create. 

Creating a good learning atmosphere in schools for educators will be a great way forward to embrace the future. The future is here; all we need to do is be open to the idea and embrace the future. The biggest legacy that this generation of educators will leave behind is the ability to adapt to change, I hope that this quality remains as an integral part of our schooling DNA. 

Celebrating our past, embracing innovation, and professional development will leave a lasting legacy.

Here's wishing you the very best of the year ahead.

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